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Self Publishing ? What a Novel Idea !

Self Publishing ? What a Novel Idea !

So you’ve written your book and spent hours and days writing, but what next?

Docmaster and Northern Beaches Printing are here to make your life stress free in producing your novel.

We can prepare your word document and format a design (if you haven’t done so) along with a professionally designed cover and turn your book into a reality.

There are many steps to producing a self published book such as editing and proofing your book, possibly hiring a copy editor or writer, designing and loads of options to explore such as weight, size, colours used and the kind of paper to name a few.

At Docmaster/NPB our aim is to make this less frustrating and technical for you, so you can concentrate on creating your content.

We can even help you to get up and running Online with eBooks!

So before entrusting just ‘anyone’ with your novel contact the experts at Docmaster on 02 9939 3399.

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